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Visitor Management
Made Easy

Support your reception staff, the smart, secure way.


What is ?

four is the GDPR compliant, smart visitor management solution to support your reception staff. With both tenant and reception dashboards, management of visitors has never been easier.


Instant Notification

Automatic email notification on visitor arrival. Configurable to notify both the visitors host, and tenant office manager, you can ensure your visitor is recieved swiftly.


Tailored To Fit

With corporate branding, personalised welcome screen, personalised welcome message, tenant administered company details and many additional features, your solution is tailored to fit.


GDPR Compliant

Unlike visitor books, four is fully GDPR compliant. Your visitor and staff data security is our priority, with all data processed in the EU you can be ensured of its safety.

What can do?

four has all the features you need to effectively manage your visitors. From a portfolio of buildings right down to the individual tenant, the intuitive app and management dashboard ensures a great first impression.

Portfolio Overview

As a building manager with a portfolio to oversee, you can monitor the visitors for all of your sites from the one dashboard.

Live Visitor Feed

The visitor feed shows the relevant recent visitors, and currently in the building to each tenant, reception staff and building manager.

Roll Call

In an emergency the tenants, reception and building managers can easily view or print a list of current visitors in order to efficiently perform a roll call.

Customisable Sign In

Want to take a photo of every visitor? Want to note down the number plate of visitors? With four it's easy.

Visitor Metrics

All of your visitor data is searchable, with statistics and insights. What was your most popular time for visitors this year? four can tell you.


Send an instant notification on visitor sign in. With support for multiple email addresses, you can notify the whole office.

Why use ?

In business, first impressions are everything.



Streamline your sign in process by allowing visitors to read and agree to your terms and conditions before entering the building.



Project an air of professionalism before your big meeting. With email notifications, your reception staff have more time to greet your visitor.



Are you currently using a paper sign in book? Do you realise that they are non compliant with GDPR and a potential data breach for your company?

What does require?

Our suggested setup can be installed in a matter of seconds, leaving your reception with a modern, unobtrusive addition. If you would like to get some advice or recommendations, or would prefer us to take care of the installation for you, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team below.


Any iPad running iOS 10 or higher.



You'll need something to stand your tablet on.


Badge Printer

A visitor badge printer is required.

What does cost?

You won't be charged for multiple iPad connections, multiple hosts or the number of visitors as you would with other systems. Like four the pricing is clear and simple. One price per building, with 4 companies included. Each additional company thereafter is charged at £5 /mo

£ 100 /mo

Unlimited visitors

Unlimited accounts

Unlimited iPads connected

One building

First four tennants

Each Additional Tennant £5 /mo

Questions about ?

If you've got any questions contact one of our friendly team

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